Why We Love Shapes!


Here in the Shapes of Things studio, we love shapes. We live, breathe, think and create in shapes!

Our reasoning to use geometric shapes across the Shapes of Things brand is simple. Shapes are all around us all of the time, they are universally recognised and well, we reckon they look pretty awesome on clothes too!

If you’ve been around here for a while, you’ve probably noticed that triangles, squares, octagons, circles and right-angled triangles are among some of our favourite shapes.

But why are we so in love with them?

Well, without realising, our brain naturally identifies shapes and forms before it recognises colours, numbers and letters. Our eyes are naturally drawn to different shapes, they are instantly recognisable, even from a distance. They’re timeless and the design possibilities are endless!

Shapes are one of the first things we learn when our brains start to develop. When we grow from toddlers into children, we learn to identify shapes long before we are taught to read and write numbers and letters. If you consider some of the earliest toys we as adults all played with – they are all centred around shapes: sorting games, Lego, building blocks and Rubix cubes to name a few. Today, kids are still learning, playing and interacting with shapes using these exact toys (even if theirs are a bit fancier than ours were!).

We have been playing around on this colour and shapes game  in the studio, it’s a lot harder than it looks!

By putting shapes on to our clothing, not only do our customers look really cool but it allows our younger customers to learn about shapes both consciously and subconsciously in a fun and creative way! Our kiddie customers love pointing out the different shapes on their sweaters and t-shirts, particularly on our popular Polka Shapes design that features our 5 key shapes!

When a child explores different shapes, they are using one of the most basic educational processes: the identification of things that are similar and things that are different. This is what allows them to make comparisons. As kids progress further, they then use shapes to learn other properties such as the differences between 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional, perimeters, areas and volume. Learning about basic principles through fashion is an awesome way to make learning fun, interactive and engaging. Not everyone enjoys to learn through books – the more enjoyable, the better!

We’re not fond of giant slogans and crazy embellishments. Just effortlessly cool geometric shapes on relaxed silhouettes that look great on everyone and if they help little ones to learn then that’s a huge positive too!

In the Shapes of Things studio, we are continuously experimenting with new ways to include and adapt shapes into our designs, not only to create awesome clothing but to incorporate a fun yet educational aspect into everything we do. We have a lot of plans up our sleeves for this but we can’t share just yet so keep checking back to see what we’re up to.

Shapes are the driving force behind everything we do and we can’t wait for you to see what we’ve been working on. And who knows? Maybe a few brand new shapes will appear on the Shapes scene very soon!

Watch this space.


Team Shapes.