Introducing our International Brand Reps!

At the end of 2015, Shapes Kids ran a competition to find 4 International Brand Reps to join our Winter team and represent us globally. The response we received was overwhelming, but we were able to select 4 wonderful mothering fashion bloggers from across the globe to help spread the good word Shapes! So without further ado, let us introduce our Winter Team Brand Reps!

Elise Wigeteg
Elise lives in Växjö in Southern Sweden and is the designer and director of fashion blog Edit + Vivo.

She has two children, one of each gender and temperament! Ceasar (4.5 years old) is “the wild one, made on our frisky vacation to Curaçao, during the wildest hurricane, that’s why he’s louder than thunder and faster than lightning I guess!” Em (2.5 years old) is “the little sister who loves her big brother more than anyone, she’s always happy and the first two years of her life she didn’t argue with me once and even though she still has the happiest smile she really knows how to demonstrate her willpower by now!” “Actually, I love to have two such a different kids, and I love to see both me and husband in them and their characteristics.”

We love Elise’s blog, style and, of course, kids, and we are humbled by her kind words about us so far.

Jessica Lawson
Australian living in a Californian beach city with her Mexican husband and two “half Aussie, half Mexi-American” children Flynn, 2 years old, and Etta, 12 months old. Jessica works full time as a Visual Merchandising operations Manager for a retail fashion brand. Their favourite things to do on weekends are going to brunch and taking family naps.

Denise Otico
Denise has been married to Stephen for 12 years, together for 14 and lives in Southern California. After 9 years, they had their first born son, Roz. “He is 2 years old. He enjoys skateboarding, sports, and is one talkative friendly spirit. He gives high fives and fist bumps to everyone.” Then a year and a half later, they had their daughter, Daslynn who recently had her first birthday. “She may be little, but she is fierce. She is always smiling big, happy screaming, baby talking, and she has just started to stand on her own and walk.”

Denise works in finance but has always been interested in fashion and when she had her babies her attention veered towards dressing them up and was happy to discover the micro-fashion / “mom-life” Instagram community. She says “It is uplifting and so great to have met so many welcoming people who share the same interest. I am happy to support small business owners, such as Shapes of Things, who are genuinely passionate about fashion and creativity. And so you can see my excitement to be able to work with Shapes!”

Gaylin Howbert
Gaylin lives with her husband Josh and has one son, Jace, who is two. They live in Orange County, California and like to spend a good majority of their time going on spontaneous outdoor adventures to “tire Jace out since he’s a crazy ball of energy!”. I met my husband Josh while he was stationed as a marine here in California. Gaylin is currently a stay at home mother. Jace loves to eat and he loves to go swimming. According to Gaylin, if it were possible the child would probably live in either the ocean or the swimming pool!

We are very excited going forward hearing from all our Brand Reps and all the brilliantly creative things they’ll post with Shapes Kids! If you are interested in any future collaborations or becoming a Brand Rep, please contact us at