The Shapes Senses

As a baby, our senses are the first signs of whether we like something or not? Sight, Smell, Touch, Taste and Sound help us to characterise different things into distinct groups. At Shapes, we use bright colours, textures and reflective shapes to invigorate a child’s senses. This design method really appeals to children of all ages and enhances the interactive and educational element that the brand stands by. Swiss psychologist, Jean Piaget states that our senses help build neural pathways that control things like movement, vision and language development and with information like this in mind Shapes clothing allows children to learn without even knowing it!


All Shapes customers from small children to adults love the interactive element of the clothing, our Colour Me In pieces make for endless fun and focus on the senses of sight and touch. Our machine washable fabrics and pens make the customer feel like part of the design process and can make their jumper their own! These jumpers are unique to the market and with children as small as three years old receiving art lessons through nursery education, our Colour Me In Clothing is fun for all the family.


Look out for our new limited-edition range of Colour Me In clothing coming soon to Shapes of Things.