Here at Shapes of Things, we are big believers that kids should have a say in the clothes they want to wear and how they want to express themselves. That’s why we threw the rule book and the social norms out the window. No fluffy, powder pink for girls and no more boring baby blue on boys. We are design for a gender neutral generation.

People are often a bit sceptical when they think of their tots being dressed in dark colours but we think all of our kiddie customers look pretty awesome – just check out our Instagram and Facebook pages and you’ll see what we mean!

Only cool and contemporary is allowed here! We don’t design specifically for girls, nor do we only design certain collections for boys. Being a gender-neutral brand, anybody can wear our clothes no matter what gender they choose to identify with – our clothing doesn’t put labels on anyone!

If we are being totally honest, the unisex clothing that’s out there has always been a bit dull and totally uninspiring. Shapeless t-shirts and plain, oversized hoodies don’t quite cut it for us. We decided to turn traditional unisex clothing on its head and give it a classic Shapes of Things twist because we certainly won’t stand for boring.

We started by wiping the traditional kid’s colour palette of blues and pinks completely clean and replaced it with black, white and grey, our three favourite colours. We just can’t resist a bit of monochrome! We played around with different relaxed and comfortable silhouettes that look good on both boys and girls and finally, we got creative with our favourite geometric shapes and experimented with splashes of colour to give our clothing it’s cool and quirky character!

Why? Because all throughout children’s most formative years, they should be allowed to be who they truly feel and dress how they want to dress without question. Fashion is a means of expressing personality and self-discovery and we at Shapes of Things believe the clothing that kids wear should always allow their personality to shine through. Clothing shouldn’t be restrictive and gender specific. If you’re looking for that, you won’t find it from us!

Children are becoming more exposed at an earlier age to popular public figures in media who are breaking down gender barriers in fashion. Just look at Will Smith’s son Jayden and Brangelina’s little Shiloh for example. Both of them are paving the way for other kids and proving that it’s okay to dress however you want and we reckon they always look pretty awesome too!

What’s more is that because our gender-neutral clothing suits everyone and it doesn’t date, it’s perfect to pass down through your little ones as they all grow.
Allowing kids to have a say in choosing their clothes and dressing as they’d like, helps them to build confidence and gives kids a sense of responsibility. That’s what we’re about: creative freedom and getting kids excited about fashion.

Take a look at our digital look book to see just how cool little ones look dressed when they’re dressed in our entirely unisex range! We love it and hope that you do too.


Team Shapes.